We believe in creating quality lasting Impressions because the richness of life is found when we gather the ones we love around a table. Through food, we create stronger relationships and happier communities. Food not only nourishes the body, it has the capacity to heal the heart, lift the soul and challenge the mind.

Our promise is that you feel comfortable in your kitchen. Our resources are customized for your needs: simple, accessible, and practical solutions for your daily lives, making your kitchen work for you.

Through classes, hands on skills, videos and unique “multi-tasking” recipes, Impressions At Home creates confidence in the kitchen.

Rachel-newRachel is a gifted artisan with a highly refined awareness of elegance and flow, expressing it creatively through food, color, and texture.

Her passion for food and serving others began when she was a child, assisting in the kitchen and helping host her parent’s dinner parties. Naturally proficient at organizing and planning projects, Rachel possesses the gift of creative problem solving. With her solid technical background of classical training at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, she has the skills to take on any recipe malfunction or culinary challenge. Her eye for detail allows her to see all the pieces of the puzzle and put them together smoothly, anticipating every need.

Her inspiration comes from a genuine appreciation of food and love of traveling which has taken her across the globe, from the US to Europe, the Caribbean and New Zealand. Each journey has increased her fascination and expanded her knowledge of food both locally and internationally.

Rachel’s knowledge of the food industry and current trends guarantee her work is of the highest standard. She is able to find what makes even the most seemingly unappealing foods look deliciously mouthwatering