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Impressions at Home - Cooking with children We all want the best for the children in our lives. I believe that no one would ever wish ill-will on a child, but did you know that you may be keeping the best fundamental learning from your child without realizing it? Many studies have been done on the benefits of eating at home and creating a consistent family meal time. Eating together is just one step; the other is beginning to cook with your children.

The 15 Benefits of Cooking with Children

15.  Exposure to cooking helps kids develop their taste palate. By being introduced to and tasting new healthy foods, it broadens their senses for food.

14.  Kids are more likely to eat what they make. Cooking creates a sense of ownership, making it easier for children to willingly try new foods and enjoy sitting down to family meal that they helped prepare.

13.  Learning to prepare nutritious meals at a young age promotes healthy eating habits in the later years of life.

12.  Meals prepared from scratch usually contain more nutrients and fewer calories, chemicals and sweeteners than pre-packaged foods and restaurant meals.

11.  By creating meals and snacks at home, kids are less likely to consume processed junk foods.

10.  Cooking together provides a natural way to discuss nutrition; where food comes from and the impact our choices have on the environment. The more educated children are about food, the more likely they will appreciate your suggestions for new, healthy foods.

9.    Cooking creates an opportunity to communicate together on a regular basis. It allows children a time to relax and talk openly while working on other tasks.

8.    Cooking builds self-esteem and confidence. Kids feel like they are accomplishing something and contributing to the family.

7.    Children develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in their achievement.

6.    Allowing your children to help cook develops responsibility because you are trusting them with an important family task, and it relieves you from having to prepare the meal alone.

5.    Stronger relationships can be created between child and adult by spending quality time together.

4.    Kids who cook and eat with their parents are less likely to abuse substances.

3.    Cooking is one of the most inexpensive and entertaining activities for both adults and children, and you usually have great treats to share when finished.

2.    Cooking is just the beginning. Through cooking you can also teach about science, math, budgeting, weighing, sequencing, measuring, problem-solving, sharing, reading, art, history and other cultures.

1.    Cooking is an essential skill children can use for the rest of their lives. Eventually, they may even cook and take care of you.

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