For easy food on the go pack and freeze items if possible in individual servings.

Eating well, Food on the go

I am a busy mom, for portable food on the go I focus on simple nutrient dense foods that can be packaged in advance for easy use.

ESPZ Large Happy Mat

Mealtime can be challenging, make yours a success with the spill proof EZPZ Happy Mats.

Non-Dairy Cashew Cream

Non-Dairy Cashew Cream

Cashew Cream is a wonderful non-dairy option for a variety of sweet and savory items like Whipped cream, Ranch dip and Milk shakes.

recipe for a happy marriage

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Commitment, love, understanding and forgiveness are needed in all healthy relationships. Here is a simple recipe for a happy marriage.

Basic Bolognese

Basic Bolognese, a simple classic Italian meat sauce and food gift people will love!