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You can save time, money and energy by learning how to cook more efficiently. Want to consistently get quality meals on the table that the whole family will enjoy or host a party with elegance and ease? It can be done…

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Who you are
You want to cook and know the basics, but lately cooking is more of a chore than enjoyment.  Most of the time you don’t even have the energy to think about “what’s for dinner” let alone actually cook.  You want to be sure it turns out right and delicious every time and cooking new recipes can be intimidating because you don’t have time in your schedule to fix any mishaps.  You are usually scrambling to get something on the table, often making alternate meals for a picky eater or special diet need.  Some days even grabbing take-out seems like too much effort.  You know that cooking at home is healthier and saves money, but it feels like so much work to plan and prepare a meal especially when half of the family wont eat it.  You want to feed yourself and family well, encouraging healthy habits, but it’s hard when everyone is eating different food at different times.  When you do get a quality meal on the table, it feels great to bring the family together, but making it happen on a daily basis is an ongoing challenge.

What your issues tend to be
With your non-stop schedule, you’re exhausted and stick to what you know is easy and delicious.  You struggle to find unique meal ideas that the whole family will enjoy.  You easily get stuck in a rut, eating the same few dishes because they’re quick to make and at least everyone is eating something.  It’s so easy to turn to take-out and processed, already-prepared convenience options.  You feel guilty knowing you could be saving money and providing a healthier meal by cooking at home, but there is just not time to cook.  You want to cook if you could find the time, but get frustrated trying new recipes that don’t produce good results.

Where you will be after working with Impressions At Home
You’ll know recipes that are simple, practical and actually work with an active lifestyle.  You will easily introduce a variety of tasty meals the whole family will enjoy.  You will be efficient in the kitchen, maximizing your time and using your space to your advantage.  You’ll understand how to use and keep a well-stocked pantry that you can make a variety of simple meals from when time and energy are short.  You will be armed with a plan for those crazy busy nights and have make-ahead meals ready to go when cooking is not an option.  You’ll know how to make simple substitutions to use what you have on hand, you’ll make your own healthy grab-and-go snacks and you will have solutions for your picky eaters or diet restrictions.  You will have the techniques, resources and support to solve your daily mealtime dilemmas so your meals are a consistent success.  You will be excited to try recipes and have ideas for how to get the whole family involved.  Family meal time will be something that you look forward to every day and a central part of your household that everyone enjoys.

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