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In order to make delicious meals every kitchen needs good working tools. This month we are getting you set up with the equipment you really need a good knife that fits you and your cooking style and the 3 knives you need to start your collection and complete most kitchen tasks well.

Now that you have what you need lets put those tools to work. I get a lot of questions from clients who are paying premium prices for fruits that are already cut up and processed for them because unsure of how to select, prepare and store these delicious fruits. Enjoy this video on how to cut some favorite fruits that can be challenging like cantaloupes and pineapples and start enjoying them year round.

Get your Guide to picking and handling a perfect cantaloupe here.

Guide to Picking and Handling a Perfect Pineapple

perfect pineapple

Did you know that pineapple’s ripening stops when a pineapple is harvested, so even green pineapples can be fully ripe. The best way to pick out most produce is to use your senses: Look, Feel and Smell, as these will all give you clues to the quality of the item and guide you to pick the best pineapple.

Look: Seek for healthy green leaves and a firm consistent shell, no wrinkles or dry leaves.

Feel: Choose one that feels heavy for its size and is free from lumps, soft spots. The leaves in the center of the pineapple should be able to be removed with little resistance, if they come out too easily, it may be overripe.

Smell: A good pineapple should smell sweet, but not fermented with the sent of alcohol or vinegar: this means they are overripe.

How to prepare it:

Cut the crown and the bottom of the pineapple off and set them aside. Then stand the pineapple on a flat surface and carefully cut the peel off with the knife by slicing down and away from you being sure to get all the pointy eyes out. Do this rotating around the fruit until all the skin has been removed.

Next cut around the core of the pineapple with 4 long slices removing two large pieces and two smaller chucks of the fruit. Cut the pieces into the desired serving size and enjoy.


Keep an un-cut fruit at room temperature until fully ripened. When ripened refrigerate for up to 5 days before cutting. A cut fruit can be sealed in an airtight container or wrapped in plastic for 3-5 days, but is best if consumed quickly.

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