Recipe for a Happy Marriage

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At my cousins wedding shower

At my cousins wedding shower

It’s wedding season! How I love a wedding it is such a beautiful symbol of love and commitment. My cousin is getting married this summer. I recently went her wedding shower. Part of the invitation was to share your favorite recipe with the bride for her to make in her new home. Well, this proved to be a harder task for me than others. I have many favorite recipes. As I was digging through my best of the best, the ones I use all the time, I just could not decide.

She is allergic to nuts so thankfully that helped narrowed down a few but I was still so torn. I thought maybe a good “family recipe” would be nice, you know something my grandparents use to make that has sentimental value. Well, that was just as hard sorting though scraps of paper, partial recipes and the ones that seemed the best all contained nuts. I was at a loss. I did find some really great recipes in the process.

I finally decided to do something different. I started compiling my favorites in to mini menus that I will make a book of my favorites to start her new family off with. This process is taking a bit longer than expected so I am not quite done yet. I still needed something for the shower. I thought I would write her a recipe for a happy marriage.

Marriage is wonderful but just like being a mom it has its challenging moments. When getting married everyone always thinks it will last forever but statistics show much different. Most things that are good take effort to maintain. Commitment, love, understanding and forgiveness are needed in all healthy relationships. Here is my simple recipe for a happy marriage. Hopefully it will bring a smile to your face and help get you through those moments when you think, why did do this, I can’t handle this, and this is not what I signed up for. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows but if you do it right you have more sunny days than cloudy ones.

recipe for a happy marriage

recipe for a happy marriage









Recipe For A Happy Marriage

2 open hearts
4 cups of Love
2 cups of Loyalty
1 cup Faith
1 cup Kindness
1 cup Understanding

3 spoonful’s respect

3 spoonful’s trust

½ cup compassion

1 cup forgiveness (no substitutions)

½ cup thoughtfulness (not optional)

1 barrel of laughter

Hugs and kisses as needed

Combine two hearts in one home. Melt hearts with love and loyalty. Mix thoroughly with faith, kindness and understanding. Fold in respect and trust. When the mixture gets a little sticky or hard to handle add compassion and forgiveness while staying committed to the process, everything will smooth out with honest communication. Leave out blame and judgment, as these never taste good. Pour mixture into a healthy community with friends and family who love and support you. Sprinkle thoughtfulness on top. Bake for as long as you both shall live. Serve daily with heaping spoon of laughter, garnish with hugs and kisses as desired.

With Love from Rachel’s Kitchen

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