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We recently welcomed our second child into the world. Sweet little girl came with a quick and relatively easy birth process lasting just under 5 hours. I was blessed with two almost textbook perfect unmedicated natural childbirths. As a working mom I am constantly learning and looking for sources to help make our lives simpler, healthier and more enjoyable. I share this post from a more personal level as I want mothers to be aware of their options when it comes to pain management and childbirth.


Although my birth experience so far has been without unexpected problems, I am aware that this is not common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the national percent of all deliveries by Cesarean is 31.9% that is 1 in 3 women and overall, 1 in 5 women have had unplanned C-sections. As a first time mom I was lost in all the information and found the only comfort in my amazing birth doula who instead of asking if I had any questions asked me questions about how I wanted the birth to go. She kindly helped educate me on some of the standard process of the medical field that are there for my safety but also completely optional. Learn more about what a birth doula is and how they can support you here.

For most of my life I did and still do follow Doctor recommendations. Please note that I am not a medical expert and I am not telling you to disregard your Doctor’s advice I just want you to be aware and simply ask about other alternatives before accepting the first recommendation. We often read reviews and do our “research” when purchasing new appliances, electronics or items for recreational activities but seldom do we ask or inquire about our own personal health options. Speak up about your concerns, what you would like to have happen and ask questions.

Many prescription opioids are commonly used to help manage pain after surgery and birth. Opioids are often used as medicines because they contain chemicals that relax the body and can relieve pain. This can be dangerous because opioids can be highly addictive. Did you know that even short-term use of opioids to treat pain after surgery is leading to high rates of addiction and dependence? In fact, one-in-10 patients prescribed an opioid to manage post-surgical pain report becoming addicted to or dependent on the drug. Based on the number of patients receiving opioid prescriptions after an operation, upwards of 7 million Americans could develop an addiction or dependence following a surgical procedure.

Some possible effects of prescription opioids are:

  • drowsiness
  • confusion
  • nausea
  • constipation
  • euphoria
  • slowed breathing which can have short- and long-term psychological and neurological effects, including coma, permanent brain damage, or death.
For more information visit https://www.planagainstpain.com/build-a-plan/womens-health/

For more information visit https://www.planagainstpain.com/build-a-plan/womens-health/

Today we can so easily and sometimes blindly follow the “experts” advice without taking into account what is really best for me the patient. With this being my second child I am continually learning that I have more options and although the doctor is smart and well trained their best option may not be the best fit for our families needs and desires. What is suggested is not the only path and there are often many ways to reach a desired solution.  There are many benefits to non-opiod pain relief. Know your pain treatment options for more information and support check out the Choices Matter Campaign and visit PlanAgainstPain.com

Not sure where to start check out the Discussion Guide to help guide a positive outcomes for the care you desire from from doctor. Before surgery check out these recommended recovery tips to help set you, your home and your caregivers up for success.



Full Disclosure:

Sometimes I receive sample products to test and share my honest opinions about. I will ONLY promote products that I love and currently use myself. I feature these products as they have made my life simpler or more enjoyable in some way. I share them with you only as a resource to better support you in enjoying a simply delicious happy and healthy life. Educational information for this post was provided by Moms Meet to help support moms in making conscious choices for themselves. All reviews are my own words and my own opinions. I share them and hope these products and services work for you and bring as much joy to your life as they have to mine.
I will occasionally link to specific sites or include affiliate links to help you purchase similar or recommend products. Again, I will only feature items I currently use and think will truly benefit you and your family. As always it is my true effort to serve you please contact me if you have questions about this process, products I mention or would like me to consider your product for a feature highlight. I am happy to help.


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