What you need to know before you host a summer party

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The Summer Solstice was just last week. That’s right the longest day of the year has passed and days are slowly getting shorter. Don’t miss any more of the sunlight – use it to your advantage, get out and enjoy it! To kick off the rest of the summer here is your guide to Summer Entertaining devoted to making it easier to enjoy the ones you love and the sun.

Summer party
Summer Entertaining Series
The things you need to know to ensure summer fun for all

#1 Food: easy, delicious and safe, read this before dishing up
#2 Relaxing Refreshments, don’t break a sweat keeping hydrated
#3 Easy Breezy, decorate with casual summer style for less
#4 Keep Your Cool, comfort is everything
#5 Party in an Instant, have these on hand to welcome guests at any time

Week #1 Food, easy, delicious and safe? Read this before dishing up

There are few things better than a BBQ with friends in the summer. Don’t let the heat spoil your party. Here is what you need to keep serving up good times.

  1. Keep it clean: Avoid cross contamination by always using clean cutting boards, platters and utensils when handling raw and cooked items.
  2. Keep it cool: When transporting food keep beverages and perishable food items in separate coolers. Keep ice on top of food not just on the bottom for the best chill.
  3. Keep it small: To avoid tossing out extra food serve sides in smaller bowls and replenish often.
  4. Keep it shaded: Never set out food in direct sunlight. Pull your table under the shade of a tree, use a large umbrella, tent or keep your food table in a garage or under a pavilion.
  5. Keep time: As a general rule, never eat cooked meat or dairy products that have been out of refrigerator for more than two hours. This also applies to condiments like mayonnaise. Never leave raw meat out for any period of time and remember, “When in doubt toss it out”

Need a side? Check out these party favorites to accompany any grill out.

Fresh Tomato and Bean Salsa

Penne Pasta Toss

German Potato Salad

Thai Peanut Pasta Salad

Pick up your copy of The Pretty Plate for more simple techniques and recipes, and learn about the five elements to make your everyday meals magnificent.

IAH 5-16 pretty plate

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