Rachel is a true professional in the kitchen, in front of the camera and under the lights. She knows how to plan, organize, show up, execute, and deliver. Service with a smile! Rachel is a food artist, who can work with many different mediums to suit a variety of client needs, never compromising the integrity of the recipe. If you haven’t worked with her yet, what are you waiting for?
Creative Director, Creative Publishing international
Michele Lanci-Altomare

Rachel has the kind of stamina that it takes in this very specific and demanding business. The fact that she can handled it all with a continuing sense of humor, an unfailing competence, and an all-around “can do” attitude makes her one of the truly gifted.
National television network personality, actor, voiceover artist, screenwriter, playwright, novelist, poet, singer, songwriter
Bob Bowersox

We had an extremely ambitious number of dishes to get ready for presentation on live TV and Rachel knocked out 20 beautiful dishes prior to show time. With one food stylist and no additional help I would have expected and been happy with 10-12, but Rachel did 15 absolutely stellar entrees, 5 snacks, and created a nice fruit and dairy display as well. She then repeated that feat twice more over the next two days. She is an outstanding professional with a great eye and unmatched work ethic. I highly recommend Rachel.
Kim Evenson,
Senior VP of Marketing and Sales for EDiets

Rachel is a true creative partner. I always enjoy working with Rachel, because I know that I will be with a professional who not only makes food look great; she also comes with her own ideas and unique approach. She’s not afraid to push for an idea – in a constructive way – and I really value that in a collaborator.
Chris Bohnhoff, Photographer

We have had the pleasure of working with Rachel Sherwood on many Deli Express food photography shoots. Rachel is very talented, professional and patient, and she is a true pleasure to work with. Our photo shoots are a success with Rachel, as she always adds that perfect touch or solution!
Cheryl Peterson
Marketing Services Manager Deli Express