Kid-Friendly Cooking

Healthy habits start in the kitchen. We all want our kids to make healthy choices. Part of that is exposing them to a variety of foods and letting them have an opportunity to see you cook, and maybe even taking part in the action.


The Kid-Friendly Cooking Series will help you get started with truly simple solutions in getting the family involved in the kitchen. These recipes highlight healthy options using what you have on hand to make toddler and kid friendly foods.



The Kid-Friendly Cooking Classes include:

Healthier Snacks

Simple bites and finger foods

Start your kids on the right path with wholesome snacks, free from refined sugars and artificial coloring.

  • Learn how to easily make safe, high-quality snacks for growing children
  • Know how to adapt a recipe to fit a variety of new flavors
  • Feel good about what you are offering your children
  • Teach your kids how to eat nutritiously from the start

How to Cook with Kids

Getting children involved in the kitchen

Cooking with kids is one of the best ways to ensure a happy, healthy life.  By learning ways to get them involved with the meal, kids are more likely to try new foods and they will also learn culinary skills that will benefit them for life.

  • Learn key steps to making cooking with kids fun and easy
  • Know how to break down a recipe into kid-friendly steps
  • Learn appropriate activities to safely involve the children at any age
  • Create a safe, fun learning environment for your kids to learn about food
  • Build connection and stronger relationships with your children
  • Bonus Segment: Learn recipes to share with your kids back home – No Bake Bars/ Green Monster Muffins

Grab and Go Granola

Yummy treats everyone can enjoy

Create healthy alternatives to the processed snacks bought at the store. What seems healthy may actually be full of sugar. By making your own treats, you can control what goes into your family’s bodies.

  • Learn how to make homemade granola bars and loose granola in a variety of flavors from one recipe
  • Have guilt-free snacks on hand
  • Eat less refined sugar and processed foods
  • Don’t get fooled by marketing lingo: learn how to understand a food label. Confidently know what is a nutrition fact versus unhealthy marketing hype
  • Save money and eat healthier


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