Simple Substitutions

Restricted diets don’t have to mean that you’re deprived of foods you love. Gluten-free and dairy-free can be healthy and delicious.

The Simple Substitutions Series focuses on creating some common favorites, so you or your loved one(s) with a restricted diet doesn’t feel left out or deprived. These healthy versions of gluten-free and dairy-free recipes use real foods, no extra gums or refined sugar, to make them taste good. They are healthy alternatives that produce guilt-free delicious food that anyone will enjoy.


The Simple Substitutions Classes include:

Cauliflower Many Ways

Unique nutritious substitutions for starches

Learn how cauliflower can be a substitute for many starch-based items like bread, pizza crust, potatoes and rice.

  • Introduce more vegetables into your meals
  • Learn the easiest way to make cauliflower crust and how to always have it on hand
  • Discover simple steps to perfect cauliflower rice

Better “Breads”

Nut-based, gluten-free bread that tastes delicious

Learn how one gluten-free bread recipe can easily be adapted to make several flavor varieties.

  • Eat gluten-free without all the gums and extra junk
  • Learn how to easily adapt a recipe to fit your needs and tastes
  • Save money and eat better by making your own “bread”

Guilt-Free Treats

Sweets that are actually good for you

It’s not your fault; we are naturally hardwired to crave sweets. Learn how to make versions of sweet favorites that you won’t feel bad about.

  • Feel good about the desserts you choose to eat
  • Enjoy treats that are both decadent and healthy
  • Have options for snacking that support a healthy diet
  • Enjoy guilt-free chocolate, cookies and more


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