Simply Delicious

Meals can be quick and easy if you know the techniques to creating great flavor using the ingredients you have on hand.

With the Simply Delicious Series you will never serve boring, dry main courses again. You will learn how to confidently flavor your meals by dishing out perfect sauces, cooking meat perfectly, and never letting ingredients go to waste. After this series, cooking will no longer be a chore – you’ll easily serve wallet-friendly and healthy meals for your whole family.

The Simply Delicious Classes include:

Savory Sauces

Add Flavor and variety to your home cooking

Increase the appetite appeal of your meals through delicious sauces that will shake up the menu around your household. Through this class you may even discover your own sauce recipes!

  • Learn basic sauce-making techniques that can apply to any meal
  • Know when a sauce is “done” – no more watery or clingy sauces – create perfectly textured sauces every time
  • Discover simple alterations to enhance the flavor of sauces
  • Learn how to adjust a few ingredients to make one sauce recipe serve a variety of foods and taste profiles for easy meals
  • Bonus Segment: Turn 2 basic sauces into 6 different flavor options
    • Basic Cream Sauce, Garlic Alfredo, Cheddar Cheese Sauce
    • Basic Tomato Sauce, Tasty Creole, Provençal Sauce

Skillful Searing

Cook meat quickly and perfectly every time

Create delicious entrées by learning how to properly season and sear your proteins. Plus learn one-pan techniques that will make clean up a breeze.

  • Discover how to properly sear meat and understand why it is so important when creating appealing food
  • Learn techniques to cook your proteins to the perfect temperature (never have dry or undercooked meat again)
  • Make sauces that pair perfectly with your meat
  • Know how deglazing makes clean up faster and easier
  • Understand basic flavor combinations to create meal ideas

Soothing Soups

Budget-friendly comfort meals. Never waste ingredients again

Learn the basic formula to create homemade soups with ingredients you have on hand.

  • Transform leftovers and extra produce into tasty, easy meals
  • Save money and stop wasting food
  • Learn how to best store soup for quick meals when you’re crunched for time
  • Create healthy meals that you can bring to work or make for dinner that the entire family will enjoy

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